Chinese Vasa and Ridderrennet to spark Changchun-Norway relations?

Changchun in northern China is about to establish itself as the furthermost winter sports city in the country, this owing a great deal to the establishing of Vasaloppet China and Ridderrennet China. This season, the 7 million city has also organized World Cup races in Short Track, Freestyle and Bordercross. The cross country world cup sprint finals was held on the biggest football stadium in Changchun in 2006 and it also has a World Cup race in Jingyuetan Park in 2007. (more…)

Chinese skiers claim great victory in Vasaloppet China 2010

The 8th Vasaloppet China started on a chilly morning in about 20 minus degrees and was won about 2 and a half hours later by Chinese elite skier Xia Wan, this is the first time the race has had a male winner in the 50km class. All four top positions were actually taken by Chinese skiers with the best foreigner being Swedish Gustav Hall on 5th place. Then followed another long line of Chinese down to the 2nd foreigner Kjetil Hagvedt Dammen on 14th place.


Ridderrennet China begins the New Year in Changchun

Today on the first day of this new decade, about 200 disabled from China and Norway took part in the cross country ski competition Ridderrennet China, the sister event to the Norwegian Ridderrennet which has been held every year in Beitostolen since 1964.


Changchun and Jingyuetan Park preparing for Vasaloppet China

The preparations for Chinas only cross country ski festival are fully underway in Changchun. The ski tracks are being groomed in Jingyuetan Park and work on this year’s main Vasa snow sculpture has begun. The equipment storage at the arena is fully loaded with skis, poles and shoes for the students and amateurs taking part.


Vasaloppet veterans take on a new challenge in China

Vasaloppet China is getting closer and there are a lot of expectant amateur skiers from Scandinavia waiting to come to Changchun for the longest running cross-country ski race in China. Among the Swedish amateur skiers coming to China during New Year there are some who has got a very special relationship to Vasaloppet – the oldest, longest and biggest long distance cross country ski race in the world. (more…)

Students start their ski training in Changchun

Students from 9 Changchun universities have now started their cross country ski training in Jingyuetan Park. The Vasa Education Project which is organized for the 5th year is a cooperation between Jilin Educational Bureau, Jingyuetan Park and Nordic Ways.


Changchun and Norway happy to take up Ridderrennet China

The official signing ceremony for Ridderrennet China 2010 took place Thursday 29th in Shangri-la Hotel. Ridderrennet China, which is a cross country ski competition for handicapped, will be restarted in 1st January, 2010 during the Vasa week in accordance with the agreement signed by Changchun Municipal Government, the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Jilin Handicapped Federation. Nordic Ways will be the technique co-organizer for the race. (more…)

Students get cross country ski training in Vasa Education Project

Last week, the annual meeting of the Vasa Education Project was held at Vasa Hotel in Jingyuetan Park, Present were Jilin Province Education Bureau, representatives from Jingyuetan Park and teachers from 17 universities, discussing the project where students get the chance to practice cross country skiing throughout the winter months in the Park.


Winter is coming with 8th Vasaloppet China

Since eight is an important lucky number in Chinese culture, Vasaloppet China celebrates a special anniversary on Jan 2, 2010 with its 8th time in Jingyuetan Park outside Changchun. Except for the professional ski athletes taking part in the race as one of the stages in Tour de Ski China and the ski enthusiast from home and abroad, there are also some special athletes in this years race…

Vasaloppet Skiing Exchange Conference in Changchun

Vasa loppet International Skiing Exchange Conference was held on New Years Day 2009. The exchange and cooperation between the Swedish, USA, Japanese and Chinese Vasaloppet has been very fruitful, and benefitted many young people in the host countries. Topics of this years conference was how to attract new target groups and non-skiers to become interested in cross country skiing.



Sunshine over the 7th Vasaloppet China

The conditions were great for the 7th Vasaloppet held in Jingyuetan Park on the morning of Jan 2, 2009. After an early breakfast, the skiers went by bus to Jingyuetan Park to warm up and make the final preparations.


Students in training for Vasaloppet China 2009

With the coming of Vasaloppet China, the University students in Changchun began their XC ski training in Jingyuetan Park on the 25th  of November, according to the plan. We predict there will be 70,000 student take part in this education project this winter season.


Two weeks to go to Vasaloppet China 2009

Christmas is closing in on all of us, and so is the New Year with Vasaloppet in Changchun. Track preparations have begun as well as snow making for the sculpture in Jingyuetan Park which will be 16 m high, more than 120 m long and 14 m thick


Preparations underway for Vasaloppet China and Tour de Ski in Changchu

Winter has come to Changchun and ski track preparations have begun in Jingyuetan Park. It has already begun to snow in Jilin Province and the temperature is at -5 to –10 degrees. Preparation for the 7th Vasaloppet China and Tour de Ski China is under way and with the coming of Vasaloppet China, the competition “Snow Angel” will begin.
The competition where beautiful and intelligent Changchun girls show their skills in foreign language, music, art and so on to become Vasaloppet Chinas “Kranskulla” or Ceremony Hostess, that gets to put the victory garland on the shoulders of the winner of Vasaloppet China.


Vasaloppet China gets seeding race status for Swedish Vasa

Vasaloppet China 50 KM is now an official seeding race for Vasaloppet Sweden which is held every year in Dalarna, Sweden. Races with a distance over 40 km and with more than 100 participants are counted as seeding races for Vasaloppet. The distance being 15 km for ”Girls Vasa”. If you want to use your result in Vasaloppet China as seed result for the 85th Swedish Vasaloppet  on the 1st of March 2009, The Swedish Vasaloppet organization needs to receive your result before January 31st 2009 to make an evaluation