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Jilin is famous for having one of the four wonders of China; the Songhua River rime ice pine trees. The other three wonders being the landscape of Guilin, the Stone Forest in Yunnan Province, and the Three Gorges on the Changjiang (Yangtze) River.


The rime ice gets created when warm water rises up from the open Songhua River. When it meets with the cold air, the water vapour crystallizes and creates an ice cover of the pine trees along the bank. It is interesting to watch this phenomenon at different hours: you can see heavy fog at night, rime ice early in the morning and rime melting off at noon.

Other Jilin attractions are the Meteorite Museum which has on display the largest stony meteorite of a documented meteorite fall, There is also Dragon Pool Mountain Park , North Hill Park (North-West of Jilin) and Songhua Lake (South-East of Jilin)

For Swedes travelling to Vasaloppet it can be interesting to know that Jilin City is friend city with Ostersund, a northern Swedish City.

The arrangements for the trip to Jilin are as follows:

Jan 3
Bus from Changchun to Jilin (takes about 2 h)
Check in hotel
Sightseeing of the river and rime ice pine, Lunch
Dinner & Party

Jan 04
Bus to Changchun airport

The trip only costs 500 RMB for Vasaloppet participants. You can sign up for the trip by stating your interest in the remarks box in the online registration form for Vasaloppet China or contact ellinor.axner@nordicways.com  

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