The Organizing Committee has purchased insurance for participates of 2023 Vasaloppet China All competitors should sign this disclaimer.

Please read this agreement carefully

1.The purpose of this agreement is to alert the participants of the risks of outdoor activities and to improve their self-discipline to reduce such risks in order to ensure that these out door activities are safer, healthier, more enjoyable and more meaningful. This disclaimer also exempts the sponsors and organizers from legal liability.

2.People who enroll in these activities should have full civil capacity. The participant must sign this agreement with his or her real name and provide a valid ID card number. By signing this disclaimer, the participant accepts and assumes all the obligations of this agreement. Failure to sign this disclaimer will disqualify the participant from all activities.

3.The Committee will purchase insurance for the athletes who officially register with the race office owned by Changchun Vasa Management Consulting Ltd. Participants who fail to provide correct personal information on time or do not purchase insurance must assume responsibility in the event of an accident. Students who have no insurance must purchase their own insurance or else face disqualification. This activity is a non-profit outdoor sports activity.

Liability, Rights, and Compensation Waiver

1.I am aware that outdoor activities may have strict physical and mental requirements. I understand that this activity requires professional knowledge of skiing activities and equipment (including proper usage of skiing equipment). I will not hastily participate in any activities unless the aforementioned requirements are ensured, otherwise the consequences will be borne by myself.

In the event that the activity takes place despite unfavorable roads or weather inclement, I will bear all rescue and medical costs.. I understand that I will face actual risk of injury, even death when participating in these activities. I understand that the equipment may have defects which may result in injury or even death. I understand all the possible risks involved in this activity, and I agree to this disclaimer and agreement.

2.I agree to purchase accident insurance and health insurance offered by the Committee(Vasa management Consulting Ltd). I understand the significance of the insurance, and promise to assume costs in excess of the insurance limit.

3.I promise I will not participate in any activity beyond the schedule. If I do, I will assume responsibility for all the risks.

4.I declare that my body is in a healthy condition. I have no disease or ailment which might affect my participation in these activities. I have performed a necessary physical examination and other preparations in advance. I understand that I should participate in these activities under my doctors approval, otherwise I will bear responsibility for all damages resulting from my participation in this activity, including injury and death.

5.During this activity, if my behavior or my participation causes property damage or personal injury to a third party, I agree to waive the liability of all other persons involved.

6.I understand that in the event of an accident, nobody will be held responsible for any damage to me or my personal property.

Once you enroll in this activity, you agree with the above disclaimer . This agreement also affects your heirs, close relatives, executors, administrators and assignors.

I promise:

I have read and understood the statement and all its provisions above.

I understand all the relevant risks related to this event.

I assume all the responsibilities for my participation in this event.

(I am over 18 years of age)


Identification Card Number/Passport number:

Personal phone number:

Emergency Contact Name:


Signature Date: