Vasaloppet China History

In 2002, PWT Orienteering Sports Organization in China (today Nordic Ways) for review was attracted by unique ecological and natural environment of Changchun Jingyuetan National Key Scenic Spot. In their opinion, the environment here was the best choice to hold cross-country skiing because it was similar with that of Northern Europe. Thereafter, the organization decided to hold Vasaloppet in Changchun Jingyuetan. In 2003, Chinese Ski Association, the Organization Committee of Vasaloppet Sweden, Changchun City Government and Nordic Ways cooperated to hold this competition for the first time. From then on, the Vasaloppet with over 90-year history in Sweden came into China and settled in Changchun Jingyuetan. Vasaloppet China Festival lasts for a period of three months. The opening ceremony is on January 4th each year. China is the fourth country to hold this brand activity besides Sweden, America and Japan. Vasaloppet China has become a large-scaled activity integrating sports, tourism and culture with rich Eastern and Western cultural deposits, widespread attraction and development prospects. During annual Vasaloppet, there are not only multiple ski events for world top expert skiers, but more than ten rich and colourful tourism culture and economic and trade exchanges to make Chinese and foreign tourists enjoy themselves, and promote inter-country exchanges and cooperation to become a broad platform for exhibiting the Chinese culture and a feast for gathering Chinese and Western civilization.

Nordic Ways

Vasaloppet China is a 50 km cross country ski race, open for everyone. The Blueberry Vasa for those who want to take it a bit easier is 25 km. For the beginner, there is Vasa Fun Ski of 2 km. Try cross country skiing in a relaxed and fun way. There is no problem if you don’t have your own skis; equipment rental is included when you sign up for the Fun Ski!

Childrens Vasa

Your kids can also go skiing in the Children’s Vasa and have a great time in the snow. The race is only about 200 m and parents can follow their kids around the track for an extra push. All kids get number bibs with the number 1 on to manifest that “every kid is number one”. Equipment and participation is free, and every kid gets a small prize!

The Student Vasa

Student Vasa is the final of Vasa Ski Education Project. A cooperation between Jilin Province Education Bureau, Changchun’s 17 Universities, Jingyuetan Park and Nordic Ways, which lets University Students in Changchun try out cross country skiing during the winter months.

The history of Vasaloppet can be traced back to the early 16th century when Sweden was in forced union with Denmark. Gustav Vasa rallied his compatriots to take up arms against the Danish control and oppression and instigated Dalarna in Mora to overthrow the Danish King. He was however not successful and decided to flee on skis to Norway to seek support……

A parable which tells how important Vasaloppet is to Swede: If you ask a pedestrian in the street who wins the Nobel Prize this year, 80% of people do not know. If you ask who is Vasaloppet champion this year, 80% know.