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With the first snow and the competition day gradually coming closer, volunteers are busy within their field of responsibility. We chose 18 students from 157 volunteer candidates, all of whom have great coordinating ability and individual quality as a team leader. Today, these 18 young guys experienced the new Vasaloppet track with Torbjom Pettersson, the Vasaloppet China technical director, and they were the first student group to set foot on the new track this year.

During the time, Torbjom elaborated on the position of the service facility, including the changing room, deposit tent and the ski equipment place, so the volunteers can teach their own crew.

After two hours of learning experience, the whole volunteer group leaders had fully accustomed to their role, and they can not wait to pay efforts to the Vasaloppet China. “This is really a meaningful social practice !” a volunteer Feng Guoyan said to Torbjom in a fluent English.

The short and full volunteer training was finished in laughter and happiness. We were all moved because of this team, and we believe Vasaloppet China will be more extraordinary with the volunteers passion and energy!