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To take full use of the advantage of local resources and improve the organizational skills, with the cooperation among CSA (Chinese Ski Association)、FIS and Sport Office of Changchun, the educational extending program started in 2004.The content of the conference included contest organization and technology, put forward by technology and media experts. Our long term-aim is to let more students get involved in the skiing and to arouse their interest mostly in order to make Changchun the center of Nordic cross country ski race. Since November, 2004, there are more than 6,000 students from 5 colleges have participated in, with great passion. Though which, we have also found out some skiers with great potential.

With the developing of the educational extending program, the first edition of Jilin College Students’ XC Skiing was held in Jingyuetan Park, with more 700 teacher and student skiers from 14 universities and colleges, which has been marked as the warm up of the Vasaloppet China historically. It has been also turned to be a successful promotion of the educational program.

With the sustained stable support from department of education of Jilin Province, the educational program has been forwarded to a new ground. College Students XC Skiing, in Dec. 24th, there are more than 40,000 youngsters from 16 colleges and universities have taken part in this program training. .

The Students’ Vasa has been officially protected into part of Vasaloppet China in 2007 with more than 60,000 students from 17 colleges and universities’ training. Meanwhile, the Children Vasaloppet has been organized and the training for 5 elementary schools and 1 middle school has also been held. In 2007, there are over 1,000 student skiers from 19 colleges and universities such as Changchun Normal Universities, Jilin Agricultural Universities, etc have taken part in this event.

Worthwhile to be mentioned, some of the student skiers have also taken part in the mass start with the other hundreds of foreign skiers of 6th 2008 Vasaloppet China. They have also taken the good results of Champions and 2nd places to be proud of. Meanwhile, the 2.5 km track has been set for the group race category.

With the sustainable development of the Vasaloppet China, and the support from Jilin Department of Education and all colleges and universities of Changchun, the educational extending program is on the way with a larger scale, which has not only been one of the good ways to promote the skiing among the teenage skiers, but also to be the contribution of the excellent potential skier storage.