You are currently viewing Vasa Snow Angel election in full swing
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As one of the most exquisite parts of Vasaloppet China, the Vasa Snow Angel election has already walked through 6 years, and we all wait in high anticipation who will be the new angel. Something to be mentioned this year, both the events scale and media coverage are expanding to the provinces in Northeast China. Including the Haerbin TV station, Shenyang TV station, Daqing TV station, etc. Discovery Channel, traveler andinternational brand observe magazines will also report about us during the whole course of the election . Thanks to them, More than 60 million people will keep their eyes focussed on this event.

The whole competition is composed of the preliminary contest quarter-final and the final show. Before the end of November, twenty beauties out of 8000 will win the qualification to the final. The winner will be the image of Vasaloppet China to participate in both Chinese and Swedish Vasaloppet celebration activities. She will spread Chinese culture and Northeastern Chinas amorous feelings to the whole world.