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Nordic Ways Vasa together with Jilin College of Foreign Languages have set up a new cooperation project to build a Youth Volunteers Association to produce a great number of highly skilled volunteers for our Vasa-branded events in Changchun.



Today, we keep encouraging many candidates to register for the Youth Volunteers Association (interest remains very high). Participants will enjoy a great learning experience in event management and in return increase the quality of Vasa sports events even more. Meanwhile, we have already tested 500 candidate volunteers over 2 full days following a sound selection procedure. Candidates had to undergo English language tests, were advised on basic etiquette and the event sites as well as other aspects of event management, and eventually we have selected 151 volunteers. This has created a pool of outstanding young volunteers who have a profound understanding of the spirit of volunteer service and show a hundred percent enthusiasm.

In addition, we have also been enrolling students to “compete” in designing a new Vasa logo. From 116 received works in the preliminary selection, we have selected 27 for the “semi-finals”. Each work presents a new idea, showing how much effort and heart the young people in Changchun have for Vasa!


We are indeed very grateful for the support of the Huaqiao university in this project. We believe that the Vasa volunteers will set a benchmark for the whole region to follow.