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Worldloppet news!

We looking forward to presenting why we want to become a member.

Vasaloppet China, already the biggest XC Ski event in China, wants to become a member of Worldloppet to let skiers from all around the world experience that XC skiing in northern China and especially Jingyuetan National Forest Park in Changchun, has excellent conditions in terms of terrain and environment. In 2007 the park hosted a World Cup stage and the many athletes agreed that the area has very good conditions for XC Skiing. Settings around the ski arena are also tremendous with huge snow sculptures, which is a part of Changchun Winter Festival.

Becoming a member of an international well known series of competitions as Worldloppet should means a lot, not only for Vasaloppet China, but also for XC Skiing in general in eastern Asia. It will also mean a 100% support from Changhung Government, for example live broad casting and helicopters to follow the race. Together with the Chinese application for Winter Olympics 2022, this will increase the media and public interest for XC skiing in China.

To connect to the new trend of a healthy life style in Changchun, Jilin Province and China, a membership in Worldloppet, would give us more attention in XC skiing.

Skiers from all around the world will find Vasaloppet China very special since there are many social activities included in the program. For example New Year’s Eve Banquet, Government Welcome Banquet and also a price giving banquet.

We are since 2003 a member of Vasaloppet family, and it should be an honor to also to become a member of Worldloppet family! We have experience since 1998 to organize sport events in China.

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