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As soon as the base component comes to the completion, the gripping curving is going to be appeared layer upon layer. The visual impact of a giant statue will be the best gift to the world.
Theme stature located on

the arean of Vasaloppet China 2013 is an admirable work of Mr.Zhang Ningge together with his team. The size of it is kind of marvel. The total length is 55 meters that as long as 15 BMW MINI cars linked end-to-end; the height is 20 meters that equals to an 7 floors building; and the thickness amount to the length of a standard bus which is normally 12 meters. The deep impression of the theme statures in each Vasaloppet since 2003 are always been held and treasure in all the participators and audiences’s hearts. You would have never enjoyed the magic of the snow world in the south of China if you missed feeling the grand spectacularly of the main stature of vasaloppet in Changchun.  This year, 6 or 8 stature of prestigious person will rise in front of the Vasa Museum.
What’s more, a town cover an area of 40,000 square meters with places of historic interest will be built up in the authentic style with 70,000 cubic meters snows and ice. It’s will be another artistic summit of Mr.Zhang.
Mr.Zhang Ningge devote all his life energy to the field of snow sculpture. As a winner of the Guinness World Records Mr.Zhang described his work as the fleeting glory is a lifetime’s wonderful memory.
You must never miss this opportunity of feeling intertwined with passion of ski event and visual impact. We are looking forward to your participation!