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Silent music with holy melody start to play as the first snow quielty dropped. Silver-coated world sent you a sincerely invitation of 2013 Vasaloppet China !You are welcome to Changchun !
The intersection of the cold air masses from Siberian


 and local warm air bring about the first snowfall of Changchun.According to the statistics of meteorological experts, the snowfall reaches 11.7cm which is obviously increased than before. And days of nice weather follow the snowfall.
Vasa House, the museum of Vasaloppet China was covered with snow while. And the Vasa Gate, the landmark of core region field of this competition is mantled in silver. In order to make sure the Vasaloppet China 2013 went smoothly, All the relevant government departments has been prepared in advanced. Preparatory work of sanitation, public security, trasportation, medical treatment and public healthcareful, suppling of electricity and heat will be deployment carefully. Together, let us meet in Vasaloppet China 2013. You are warmly welcome ! We are looking forward to your participation !

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