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Since 1973 Northland is a leading global brand in functional outdoor gear and garments for adventurous and sportive people who are not accepting any compromises regarding their equipment. Founded by a professional mountaineer, Northland has developed from an extremely technical brand focused on extreme climbing and mountaineering also into other branches of active sports and urban adventure. As one of the first sports brands to introduce this concept, the successful combination

of outdoor technology combined with latest fashion trends is part of the success in more than 38 countries worldwide.
Every Northland product stands for high quality, but is produced under equally high social standards in manufacturing according to an environmentally sustainable program. Since environmental Protection and sustainability is very important to us, in 2008, the Northland ECO – line was introduced on the market. Northland ECO are products made from natural fibres like bamboo viscose, hemp, soy and linen which are grown without the use of pesticides, herbizides and other chemicals.
If you buy Northland ECO products, you directly contribute to protect our environment and keep our planet clean and protect the outdoor resource for the next generations.