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Students Vasaloppet is the final of Vasa Ski Education Project, which is a cooperation between Jilin Province Education Bureau, Changchun’s 17 Universities, Jingyuetan Park and Nordic Ways, which lets University Students in Changchun try out cross country skiing during the winter months. Since the first 2005 edition of Students Vasaloppet, there has already been 50,000 students have taken part in this event, experiencing the XC skiing fun and the life style of health and fashion.

During annual Vasaloppet China, there will be tens of thousands person-time of college students being fond of cross-country skiing sports to be trained and elite among them will be selected to participate in college students’ cross-country skiing competition. This event sets foundation for the future development of Chinese cross-country skiing sports, and they will bring the unique winter sports of northeast China to all over the world.