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With the coming of Vasaloppet China, the University students in Changchun began their XC ski training in Jingyuetan Park on the 25th? of November, according to the plan. We predict there will be 70,000 student take part in this education project this winter season.

The 4th Jilin Province University Students Cross Country Ski Competition will be held on 24th of December 2008. There will be students from 15 universities taking part in the competition. The distances will be 1200 m for boys and 600 m for girls. Afterwards, the students will take part in the 2.5 km race on the day of Vasaloppet.

We are proud to see many experienced students training very hard today. Many of them had taken part in the in the 16.7 kilometers competition last year are also back this year.

From their skillful technique and the fun they have, we can see the great future of Chinese XC ski. Although the most important is not just for the students to learn XC ski, but to also learn to keep a healthy lifestyle. We wish the students good luck in this year’s training and competition.