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Vetikko Travel is family owned travel agency, which specializes in marathon tours. My background with marathon travel in Finland Travel Agency was 15 years. Through my work as a marathon trip leader for the Finland Travel agency, I have been able to guide Finnish marathon enthusiasts all over the world and have experienced the exciting atmosphere of the New York City Marathon, Honolulu, Boston, Athens, London, Berlin etc.

After I have started up my own travel agency I stared with ski marathons. I´ve International Travel partner contract with London marathon, New York City marathon, Stockholm, Berlin, Marcialonga etc.

In Stockholm marathon in end of May, I had a group of 1300 runners. This year 2014 I will be the biggest travel agency with running and ski tours in Finland.

This winter I had a group of skiers in Sapporo. As you know, in Europa many races was cancelled or changed due no snow.

I´m very happy to start with you and I will have a group to China in end of this year.

Kind regards

Paula Vetikko

Vetikko Travel

Asemakuja 3

44300 Konnevesi

puh 010 235 1100



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