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Swedish skiers Simon Persson and Jacqueiine Lockner doubled up at Deer Valley today in Changchun as they both claimed their second stage win of this years China Tour de Ski. It goes without saying that the duo also increase their points lead in the overall ranking ahead of Vasaloppet China tomorrow.

Persson had the better of Frenchman Samuel Rege Gianasso and Norwegian Ragnar Bragvi Andresen and Fabian Stocek in the final. Rege Gianasso is thus showing a return to form after missing out on the final two days ago. But Andresen and Stocek currently seem to be Perssons main challengers as both managed to qualify for the finals again. It will be interesting to see who of those three does best in the classic style Vasaloppet China marathon tomorrow in Changchuns Jingyuetan Park.

In the womens competition, the sun shone even brighter for Jacqueline Lockner than it did for Simon Persson, as both Mimmi Bjoern and Lisa Svensson got stuck in the semis and lost valuable points for the overall ranking. Finnish Noora Kivikko did well with another third place on the other hand. At Deer Valley, it was Chinas Qu Ying who came closest to Lockner.