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10 pics & 1 video let you know how is China Tour de Ski Changchun Deer Valley 2016.2016 photos are good. 2016 video is better, race report on January 3rd, 2017 is best! Coming soon so stay tuned!


1.CTDS came to the beautiful Deer Valley scenic area.

2.High-level referees match this professional event.

3.Scene snowfield needs to be leveled.

4.Strength or beauty? Both!

5.Waxing skis is a skill which depends on experience.

6.Participants started with interval in qualification.

7.four participants competed in 1/4 Final,1/2 Final,Final.

8.”Cheer for 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games” in opening ceremony.

9.Easy victory shows overwhelming power.

10.Grinning in prize giving ceremony.