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Raymond Karlsson, born in 1931 and from Falun, Sweden has registered for Vasaloppet China 2017. He has signed up in the group of PWT Travel which has cooperation with the Veteran Club of Vasaloppet, which Raymond is a member of since 1996 and has in total done Vasaloppet 33 times.

Six times visits, but only five starts in Vasaloppet China have a special explanation. During the 2004 domestic air transfer from Beijing to Changchun his luggage were lost, only the ski bag arrived. The problem was his ski boots, in size 47. The organizer tried their best but no such big boots could be found in China. But Raymond took the matter calmly and said: “It doesn′t matter, this means I have to come back and then I also can bring my wife”. He did so, came back in 2005 and also for 2006, 2007 and for the 10th Anniversary in 2012. By the way, when returning to Beijing, he got his luggage back in the airport.

The leader of the group from the Veteran Club of Vasaloppet, will be Rolf Hammar from Mora, Sweden. Rolf is forever noted in the history of Vasaloppet China as he and Mats Budh were those from the Swedish side made it possible to export the brand of Vasaloppet to China and Changchun in 2002. The first edition was organized on March 15th, 2003 but has since the year after been organized in early January.

Raymond Karlsson at the finish line in 10th Vasaloppet China in 2012

Rolf Hammar together with young Chinese skiers at 1st Vasaloppet China in 2003

Facts on Vasaloppet Veteranklubb – Veteran Club of Vasaloppet

– Established in 1987

– To become a member you have to fulfill 30 or more 90 km Vasaloppet or Open Track in Sweden

– 927 members (2015)

– Most members are from Sweden, but also following nations are represented: Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Great Britain (Scotland), – Denmark, Israel and Austria.

– One member has fulfilled the race 60 times

– 22 member has fulfilled the race 50 times

Link to PWT Travel and their package for Vasaloppet China 2017