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The 2012 Vasa Snow Angel election is heating up for its grand finale in Changchun on the 21st of December. After the quarter and semi-final of the past two days, 21 participants are still in the running to succeed Zhang Yonkun (photo left)as Changchuns and Vasaloppet Chinas most beautiful representative.

The competition has already been quite long and challenging for the remaining participants. After the preliminaries that took place over 3 days, 129 girls out of over 1,000 were invited to take part in the quarter-final at Wanda Plaza last Friday. About half of those were then requested to do a personal performance, during which some remarkable talent emerged. Many participants opted to sing and/or dance, but others also played traditional Chinese instruments, gave a monologue or even performed martial arts. One participant in particular impressed the jury and the audience with her vicious karate moves!

The field was narrowed down to 50 for the semi-final on Saturday. Each year, for most participants the most difficult part of the Snow Angel competition is the English-language test. A Snow Angel has international representation duties, so an appropriate level of the worlds most universal language is indeed required. A fair number of girls were voted out by the jury at this stage, while the remaining ones were invited to charm the audience and the jury on the catwalk. After a rather tough discussion amongst themselves, the jury members then selected 21 participants for the big final on 21 December

Changchun TV will broadcast the quarter- and semi-final shows on Tuesday, 13 December. Out of respect for Jilin Province residents, we will therefore not yet reveal anything more about the 21 finalists. Stay tuned!

The jury of the Vasa Snow Angel election this year: not easy to select 21 finalists out of 1,000 participants