Weather- and snow conditions

Jingyuetan park in Changchun normally have low temperatures and quite dry air during January month. Its often between 10-15 degrees celcius below zero in daytime. Airhumidity is very low. However the sun help to keep up the day temperatures when its daylight between 7 am and 4 pm. But the sun does not affect the cold snowconditions at this time of year.

The 25 km long track is filled with 100% artificial snow. Normally Changchun have a lot of sunshine in January and there are seldom heavy snowfall which means that the snowconditions are often purely artificial snow.

Waxing manual

Glider: Prepare your skis with hard basewax with graphite as a first layer. On top of that put hard green-or blue wax with lowe flour. If you want high flour alternative use cold powder on top e.g. Swix FC7 or similar cold powder.

Grip wax: Put one layer of hard green base binder and use the iron to apply it. On top use a few layers of green or blue wax according to actual day temperature.