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Each year Vasaloppet China attracts Attention from mass media all around China due to its large scale, rich content and professional competition, this year is no exception.
2013, ETTV from Taiwan, Phoenix TV of Hongkong, National TV Alliance, Xinhua News Agency, China Daily and other national and foreign media conduct tracking

 reports and speical coverage on the series of Vasaloppet activities; the mainstream media, including  Jilin Daily, Jilin TV, Changchun Daily, Changchun TV, New Culture News, East Asia Trade News, etc. design fourteen special coverages, six series reports, 30 special TV programs for the Vasaloppet, which last for a month. A variety of mass media report updating news for more than 500 pieces. The news concerning Vasaloppet 2013 was reprinted by websites of Phoenix, Sina and Tencent in succession, thus forming a vertical crossing and all-round media coverage.
Overseas, national and provincial media like the Xinhua net and Changchun TV will conduct live broadcast of the opening ceremony, the European broadcasting Union, People’s Daily, Economics Daily, China Daily, etc. Will continue to report the Vasaloppet 2013.