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Experience skiing the Vasaloppet races around the world and become an International Vasaloppet Skiing Exchange Master. Each race offers a unique experience. Conquer the 90 km Swedish race, enjoy the home town spirit of Vasaloppet USA, ski in the northern mountains of Japan and experience the mystery of China. To begin your worldwide Vasaloppet experience of a lifetime simply contact a Vasaloppet office and order your International Vasaloppet Skiing Exchange passport, which will receive a completion stamp after you complete each race. There’s no time limit on how long it takes to complete the Vasaloppet series.


We will not stipulate any specific terms for obtaining Vasaloppet Passport and it will be subject to all skiers in the world.

The passport can be purchased by your own application to the Vasaloppet Office at which the Vasaloppet competition is sponsored.Each skier can personally describe his official records that he achieved in each 4 Nation competition, and he can request the official stamps on the passport at the Vasaloppet Office where the Vasaloppet Competition takes place.

When the skier has participated in four competitions of the 4-Nations Vasaloppet and finally obtained four official stamps, he will acquire the right to receive the exclusive Vasaloppet International Skiing Exchange medal.


Skiers who has participated in all the four Vasaloppet competitions can be filled with satisfaction that they have contributed to the popularization of cross-country skiing worldwide .We are willing to present the highest honor to the skiers who accomplished this great work, therefore, we will herewith give   praise to your great achievement and will constantly remember your name, by awarding you with the Vasaloppet International Skiing Exchange medal.

International Vasaloppet Student Cultural Exchange

Students from the Vasaloppet host countries have a unique opportunity to learn and experience the different cultures that make up the world of Vasaloppet. Students do not have to be skiers, but they must be involved in some way with Vasaloppet. The first Student Exchange was held in 2004 in Ashikawa Japan and in 2005; Mora, Minnesota hosted the program. Sweden hosted the Student Exchange program in August 2006. 2007 Student Exchange was held in Asahikawa and Mora, USA is running up for 2008 and Changchun, China for 2009.

Vasaloppet Sweden



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