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After more than half a century of Vasaloppets, now 84-year-old Hadar Davidsson prepares for a Vasaloppet debut, namely in the Vasaloppet China:
”I do not really know what to expect. But I’m really looking forward to the race,” said Davidsson from his home town in Borås. Davidsson is even planning the 52,5k!


In the year 1966, Hadar Davidsson made his first start in the “Swedish” Vasaloppet.
Since then, he has stuck to it:
”It has become almost like a poison. In the past, I ran orienteering. But now it’s mostly cross-country, and so I chop and carry firewood to keep going,” says Davidsson, who completed the ninety kilometers between Sälen and Mora 51 times (six times of those he achieved in both the Open Track and Vasaloppet).

Borås citizen Davidsson (competing for Rydboholm Ski Club) has also taken part in the Italian long distance ski race Marcialonga twice, and Czech race Jizerska Padesatka once.
But now he stands for a new international challenge, and that is the 50 km long Vasaloppet China:
”Torbjörn Pettersson from Nordic Ways (the Nordic sports event management company from Beijing, red) was in Borås and talked about the event, and then I became interested. Both my son and my daughter will come along to China. Overall, we are seven people from the family to go. It will truly be an experience,” says Hadar, who travels to China on December 29. The race will take part on January 2nd, on the second day of the New Year.

What, in addition to skiing, you’ll most look forward for during the stay in China? “A lot. But I take it as it comes. It is best that the young ones in the family decide what to do,” Davidsson says with a laugh.
For now, the West Swedish Super Man hopes for some snow fall, so he can prepare both for his Chinese debut and to his 52nd Swedish 90K Vasaloppet challenge.


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