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The XC ski education project for this winter season started from November 25th,2010. For this year, there will be overall 120,000 students from 21 universities of Changchun taking part in this project, which has also set a new record comparatively!


Meanwhile, the vasa angel selection went to the top 50 by November 20th, and the top 20 has also been selected last Saturday, November 27th. And these lucky 20 angels will take a training program for the final competition on 19th of December on Changchun TV station.

For the handicapped XC ski part, the Handicapped XC Ski Workshop has been held in Changchun by November 25th with the attendance of all related project leaders from Norwegian Embassy, Jilin Disabled Persons Federation, Jingyue Economic Development Zone, Changchun Municipal Government and NW Changchun, in discussion of the handicapped XC ski Workshop cooperation during the Vasa Week. This meeting is very fruitful that all the parties will continue join the effort for this workshop!