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Today the 18th edition of the Chinese Vasaloppet was held in fantastic winter conditions. Weather was cold in the morning but during daytime the temperatures was up to 8 degrees and the sun warmed everyone up a little bit. In the men’s race we saw a big group together for the first 35k, after that the speed go up and a small group consisted of four skiers get away from the others end it ended up with a sprint finish between the four. The strongest man in the sprint was Skogsholm Vinjar followed by 2 Russians (Raul Shakirzyanov and Konstantin Glavatskikh.

In the women’s race the Russian lady was the strongest and early on in the race gets away from the others, Chernusova Marina at the finish she manage to have a clear victory over Kalsina Polina who came second and followed at third place by Dahl Ingeborg. Overall the 18th edition of Chinese Vasaloppet was a big success with more Chinese participants then ever before. It looks like Chinas ambition to become stronger in winter sport start to make happen.

About the 25KM race,He huishan, Hui jiaxing and Zhang panpan took the first to third places respectively in the women’s group. Jiang yixin won the gold medal, Kang yuhang took the second place and France’s Freedy Gehin took the third place.

In the long distance 25km race for college students, Sha zhonghui, Geng kaiyue and Xie hanglong from changchun Guanghua university won the TOP 3 places in the men’s race. In the women’s race, Yang shengjie from Changchun university won the first place. Zhou yuzhu and Guan ruotong from Guanghua university won the second and third places respectively.